31. January 27 – March 8, 2008


An exhibition of original illustrations for Jewish books

DESCRIPTION: In telling a story, an author uses words to paint a picture but, according to the old saying, a picture paints a thousand words. This exhibition, Artists Consider the Jewish Book, features original artwork created to illustrate Jewish books.  In a continuing theme of exhibitions that highlight the art of the book, Temple Judea Museum presents the work of artists who are as intrigued by the Jewish book as is this museum.

Joan Myerson Shrager, Guest Curator

Artists: Marlene Adler, Rhea Dennis, Deborah Gross-Zuchman, Kenneth Kaplowitz, Paula Goodman Koz, Caren Loebel-Fried, Donna Miskend, Linda Nesvisky, Joan Myerson Shrager, David Wander

The following artists courtesy of R. Michelson Galleries, Northampton, MA: EB Lewis, Neil Waldman, Karla Gudeon, Mordicai Gerstein 

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