8.  January 13 – March 13, 2002 (Two concurrent exhibitions)


Sculpture by Andras Borocz

DESCRIPTION: Borocz’s sculptures stand as a metaphor for the drama and manipulation that are integral to the story of the holiday of Purim.  The artists’ focus is the noisemakers that are part of the public reading of the Megillah, primarily through Purim’s villain, Haman, and innovative interpretations of the Groggers (noisemakers). Andras Borocz focused on the concept of the shoe as noisemaker to create a series of sculptures that are wooden machines with carved shoes that make noise both metaphorically and actually.

B. JOURNEYS WITH MY PEOPLE A Photo Diary by Jordan Cassway

DESCRIPTION: Jordan began his photographic career in conjunction with his Master’s studies focusing on children and childhood in the Middle East. Subsequently, in 1996, he was invited to return to Israel to be an Artist-in-Residence at the Arad Arts Project in the northern Negev desert of Israel where he focused on photography and poetry.

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