2. January 30 – March 28, 2000

The “White Monkey” Talks with God: Sam Maitin Paints from the Bible.

DESCRIPTION: A multi-media exhibition of works by the artist with a Judaic theme.

The curious thing, in putting together this exhibition, is that I have done far more Jewish related work than I was even aware. Ideas intrigue me. I am happy to be like a sponge, to take in ideas as an impetus. I have to confess that I see ancient Jewish writings as literature to which I feel specially connected.” – Sam Maitin

 “In the more than thirty years that I have known Sam Maitin he has repeatedly told me that he is not very Jewish. I made the mistake of believing him until I had the opportunity to see this body of work. The Temple Judea Museum is very proud to bring this important work, by this very special artist, to the public. – Curator, Rita Rosen Poley of Sam Maitin

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