49. August 23 – December 15, 2013

Dear Carl, By (sic) Carrots, Love Mollie:

When Jewish Food was the Family Business

An audio-visual exhibition of artifacts, photographs and contemporary artwork

Guest Curator: Diane Pieri

Rosen’s Famous Bakery – Assorted views. Cira 1970s

Kosher LePesach – Kosher for Passover, circa early 1950s
Rosen’s Famous Bakery
Sign in the store window – Sam Rosen can be seen in the window
The store
The bakery: Bessye Braverman, Sam and Ida Rosen, ????Mashgiach????
These three photographs document the one year that the Rosen family decided to bring
in a mashgiach (supervisor of kashrut) to prepare the bakery to bake cakes for the
Passover celebration in accord with the laws of kashrut (laws regarding the preparation
of food). While the bakery was always considered kosher, the Passover laws – requiring
the use of unleavened baked products were, and are, particularly onerous for bakeries.

In addition: Stirring the Pot – A Silent Auction that benefited the Temple Judea Museum in which artists re-imagined humble wooden kitchen spoons as unique works of art.

This exhibition offered a snapshot of how caterers, deli owners and bakers serve their client families and of the loving involvement of their own families in their businessesIn addition, artifacts from very early 20th century home kitchens were displayed to contrast the difference between the convenience of kosher store bought food and the stark conditions of early kitchens. Finally, artists were invited to create works that reflected upon the exhibition themes and artifacts.

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