This timeline follows chronologically the Rabbi’s and events significant to the life of the congregation.  Although the name has changed slightly from Temple Keneseth Israel to Reform Congregation Keneseth Israel, the Rabbinic leadership of the synagogue has had a prominent role in Philadelphia Judaism.

There are multiple interactive timelines available for your viewing. You may also view this document from which this information came. If using any information academically, please cite this source.

Solomon Deutsch David Einhorn Samuel Hirsch Joseph Krauskopf J. Leonard Levy Henry J. Fisher Eli Mayer Isaac Landman James G. Heller Abraham J. Feldman William Fineshriber Julian B. Feibelman Samuel Cook Joseph Klein Malcolm Henry Stern Myron Silverman Bertram W. Korn Theodore S. Levy H. Hirsch Cohen Benjamin Marcus Arnold Kaiman Arnold Fink Alan D. Fuchs Laurence H. Rubinstein David Powers Stephen G. Franklin Mark J. Mahler Simeon J. Maslin Steven M. Fink Sheldon Ezring Joel Alpert Meir Lasker Richard Harkavy Shoshana Perry Deborah Pipe-Mazo Joseph Forman Bradley Bleefeld Lance J. Sussman Peter Rigler Kevin M. Kleinman