Keneseth Israel is a diverse community representing a broad constituency of nearly 1,000 families. We happily welcome, accept and foster relationships with interfaith and homosexual (GLBT) families. Any Jewish adult, spouse or significant other of a Jewish adult, or a parent of a Jewish child can be a full member of KI. Regardless of which parent is Jewish, via conversion or otherwise, the child of a Jewish parent being raised in a Jewish household is Jewish at KI.

Our clergy will gladly officiate at a Jewish ceremony for a same-sex couple, and will open the doors to our synagogue, sanctuary and chapel for the couple and their families.

While we embrace many modern traditions, we work hard to keep the core and essence of Jewish practice. If you were raised in a more traditional synagogue and are concerned that we might not be a good “fit,” feel welcome to speak with our clergy about the origins of the reforms made in our synagogue and their relationship with traditional Judaism.