36. December 29th, 2008 – March 15, 2009

Sternchuss/Shooting Star

Selections from the Museum’s Doll and Unique Historic Miniatures Collections – Related art work by members of the TJMuseum Artists Collaborative

Photographs from Yad Vashem

DESCRIPTION: The tragedy of the Holocaust resulted in the loss of 6 million lives as well as the loss of material possessions, the destruction of entire communities and the fabric of communal life. Families that could flee often traveled with only the clothes on their backs. If a mother managed to save the family’s Shabbat candlesticks it was considered a triumph. Therefore, for a child to save a treasured doll, truck or stuffed animal was highly unusual. There is a nurturing comfort factor associated with having a doll or stuffed animal and one can only imagine the importance of the inanimate companions, presented here, to the children who loved them. Told through dolls from the collection, photographs and original artwork, this exhibition looks at the ways dolls have impacted the lives illustrated here, specifically regarding the Holocaust and the great 20th century migration of Jews from Europe to America.

Invitation image:

Judith Sternchuss (Shooting star) with Her Doll

Last known photograph: circa 1935 – 1939

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