NOAH BEE AND ISRAEL – The Editorial Cartoons

DESCRIPTION: As a political cartoonist, through his drawings, Noah Bee informed an eager public. Over a span of almost thirty years with pen, ink and pencil Bee told stories of contemporary Jewish life. His main subject was the State of Israel and his knowledge of the issues that swirled like a wind through Israeli society was informed by the years he lived in Palestine as a young man.

Most readers of newspapers treat the daily political cartoon as a must. Whether we agree or disagree with the cartoonist’s “take” on that day’s events, we are all drawn to the picture that tells the story.

Noah Bee, with a special eye and a wonderful graphic line, became a welcome friend in homes that received the news circulated by the Jewish Telegraphic Agency. At one time, the images displayed here were extremely topical, – “of the moment”- today they offer us a look back at  events that played out to construct the reality we now know. By looking back at his drawings we can better understand the what and why of the world situation as it was documented for us by an extremely talented and perceptive artist.                                                               Rita Rosen Poley, Curator

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